Irisa Ona is a visual designer based in New York. She is currently freelancing. Previously, she worked at frog.

During her time at frog, Irisa worked on a variety of visual projects which included branding and identity, spatial design, experience design, AR/VR, product design, and design language systems. In addition to design, she has experience with design research, strategy, and workshop facilitation. Her clients have been in healthcare, tech, telecom, finance, non-profit, fashion, and media, among other sectors.

She is a conceptual thinker and has the ability to bounce between analytical and abstract thinking. She has worked across disciplines and is a skilled communicator. Irisa enjoys learning and has a knack for picking things up fairly quickly.

Before coming to New York, Irisa attended Southern Methodist University and interned as a communication designer and design researcher at a design strategy company based in Manila, Philippines.

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