Product, DLS, Research 

FIS One UX is a financial design language system designed alongside and for bankers and customers. Our goal is to empower our clients by creating a system that reduces the burden of complicated technology and create a delightful experience and scalable system. 

Banker Task Page

A clean, sortable structure that progressively discloses information allows bankers to efficiently launch workflows and immediately execute tasks.

Customer Profile

A clear hierarchy signals key, banker-desired personal information and surfaces targeted notifications. Dense content is refined to be highly legible with a breathable, crisp, and organized presentation while establishing a consistent graphic language.

A streamlined search provides valuable, immediate access that brings order and clarity to the screen. A persistent yet restrained search will surface information that is bold, responsive, and actionable.

Relationship Map

An intuitive relationship map paints a unified picture of a customer’s relationship with their bank. Illustrating personal associations opens up new avenues for bankers to connect with customers, build meaningful relationships, and grow revenue.

Account Creation Hub
A distinct hub concept facilitates collaboration with fluid and scalable workflow management. A single destination allows bankers to seamlessly track progress for complex sequential tasks—surfacing live status updates, assignments, and dependencies.
A consistent and replicable pattern for multi-step workflows establishes a uniform and connected “workspace” user experience. Launching a series of workflows is aided by visual dimension, aesthetic continuity, and a utility-driven interface.

We created a component library to hold the foundation of the design language system that can inspire quality, purpose, and systemic evolution. For designers, the library is intended to review foundational design parameters such as color, type, grid system, iconography, and design principles. For developers, the library is intended as a resource for installation and beginning guides for new front-end applications.